With the simple view of living well, we create innovative snacks designed for single-serve brewers, such as Keurig® machines. Our healthy, all natural, 100% recyclable K-cup® broths provide a fulfilling snack for the active on-the-go adventurer who wants to #LivetheLonoLife.




Simply put, LonoLife is a celebration that embraces the richness life has to offer. We were founded based on one beautiful belief: The bigger your dreams, the bolder your leaps.

People dedicated to living a daring, adventurous existence deserve more out of life. More excitement. More fulfillment. More energy. Without sacrificing simple, authentic goodness or quick and easy convenience, LonoLife fuels your life’s adventures. 

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Living a life filled with adventure requires a lot of energy. And what better way to refuel than by putting only the healthiest of substances in your body? We pride ourselves on providing healthy, Paleo-friendly options that are gluten-free and contain no GMOs. Life has a lot to offer if you are bold enough to fully embrace it. So get out there and attack life with daring enthusiasm. 

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Enriching OUR Environment

As important as it is for us to enrich the lives of our customers, so too is our dedication to supporting a healthy environment. That’s why each of our K-cup products is 100% recyclable. At LonoLife, we strive to keep our customers and our planet wholesome and strong.



GET (dis) Connected

You work hard. In fact, sometimes you work a little too hard. From sending an avalanche of emails on your smartphone to never-ending conference calls, your job can be downright overwhelming. So leave your phone at home for a few hours and embrace what Mother Nature has to offer. Go for a hike. Play catch. Heck, simply go pick up your mail, phone-free. Whatever activities strike your fancy, take a little time to disconnect from being connected.