Bone Broth Has Officially Gone Mainstream

By Kylie Gilbert | Jan 22, 2016

You can now brew the trendy nutrient-packed broth in your very own Keurig

What began as a popular "superfood" in the Paleo world quickly became a trendy staple last year in small coffee shops and restaurants, sold in to-go cups to early adaptors eager to get in on the latest health movement. And now? Bone broth has officially gone mainstream, available to brew at home in your very own Keurig machine.

LonoLife debuted their chicken and beef bone broth K-cup pods at a food show in San Francisco last weekend (there's also a cream of mushroom and vegetable broth option for the non-meat eaters out there). The 100 percent recyclable K-cup broths are currently available to purchase through the company's website, and just might be headed to a store near you soon. And you thought your Keurig was only good for coffee and tea!

Still skeptical? Well, a healthy gut, stronger immune system, and more radiant skin, hair, and nails are just a few of advantages to jumping on board the bone broth train. (Check out 8 Reasons to Try Bone Broth for more of the unique benefits.)

Until you can get your hands on those pods—or if you prefer a homemade version—we've got the recipe for Dig Inn's brand new 'no-bone bone broth' (that's right, it's totally vegan). It calls for leftovers from all of your favorite vegetables for a nutrient-packed broth to warm you up—even if you're facing a blizzard this weekend.